Sunday, September 05, 2004


Why is it that when I didn't have a job I was broke and without a ride, and now that I do have a job, and work 40 hours, I still am broke and can only afford to drive to work! If you ask me I was better off sitting on my ass at home because at least I was doing something I enjoy!! Now I work to drive and drive to work, which is sort of idiotic not to mention wasteful. So I have a not so modest proposal which don't even involve eating Irish babies! It's simple: give me money. You pay me to keep me from inflicting myself upon society. Everyone has to get in on this else it won't work so fundraise at your work or school. Trust me its a good deal!! You don't want me to wreak havoc on an innocent populace do you? send me a blog email, or do a post with your contact info for more information about giving me money. Thank you.

Friday, September 03, 2004

profound mission statement

Well, this is my first blog. so as such i should say some profound mission statement about what brought me here. Well, fuck that shit. This is to help me deal with anger management, and bitch about life with my friend, because thats what we do. Life has been tough but we have to press on and make the best of it, because thats what defines strength and weeds out the weak... ( but unfortunately not the stupid, they breed to fast) This will mostly likely be brutally honest... like me... so if you dont like it write your congressman. Most of this will eith be bitching or explaining my useless philosophies so don't expect much or you'll be disappointed.